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Our signature, refillable Golden Baskets provides easy, beautiful Lotion Bar storage.


This simple package radiates like gold, never loses its shine and takes care of whatever is within it. It is made with golden grass [Capim Dourado in Brazilian Portuguese]. This is the only plant on earth that is naturally golden. It grows in just one place: Brazil's Jalapão region. The women artisans there weave it by hand for us. It is our privilege to support this community of women. No two baskets are exactly alike. Each is uniquely perfect and light-filled. Just like everything in nature. Just like you.


The Golden Basket provides functional, elegant, and earth-friendly storage for your Lotion Bar. Its natural insulation keeps your Lotion Bar dry and cool in a steamy bathroom or on your nightstand for easy access during your evening routine. Plus, get creative - repurpose the Golden Basket for storing other special items like jewelry, accessories, candles, or even as a unique home for your favorite houseplants.

Lotion Bar sold separately.