From Soil to Skin


Our formulations include only purposeful ingredients. No synthetics. No fillers. Not now. Not ever. Each ingredient has a purpose, a unique benefit to your skin - to moisturize, protect, heal, brighten. 


Buriti, cupuaçu, açaí, ucuuba - not your everyday ingredients, right? A key part of our mission is elevating ingredients from the Brazilian Amazon rainforest. The unique textures, colors, scents of these ingredients feel alluring and luxurious. Because they really are.


Oil based formulations are the purest form of skincare because it only contains the cold-pressed extractions from fruits and nuts. And that is it. 


Oils are self-preserving so there is no need for added preservatives. To safeguard against any risk of rancidity, only vitamin E is added - which also happens to be a great skin antioxidant. Our oils are bottled in amber glass for extra light and heat protection. 


We care about where our ingredients comes from. That’s why our founder went to the Amazon Forest and partnered with suppliers who are actively engaged in protecting the forests and the people in it.