Bruna's Story


After a cancer diagnosis in my thirties while pregnant with my second baby, I made big life changes. I left my career in the corporate world and embarked on a self-care journey. As I was caring for my healing body and scars in a way that did not involve harmful or questionable ingredients, I was disappointed with what I found - the lack of transparency, brand authenticity, and wasteful packaging. That's when I started formulating my own products and fell in love with the transformational effects of plant ingredients on my skin.

do the best you can until you know better. then when you know better, do better  -  Maya Angelou

It all came together when I took a trip to the Amazon Rainforest in the heart of Brazil, my home country. I saw first-hand the raw, divine beauty of the ingredients growing there and the communities behind it. Right then, I knew I had to share what I had experienced with others, in the form of thoughtfully crafted products that made sense - for the nature within and around us. 

I'm using my training in organic skin care formulation, experience in good-for-us product development and real-life-schooling in resilience to plant, nurture and grow terrain. My ambitions are very simple - to be well and present to enjoy adventures in and beyond Minnesota, where I now live with my husband Dago and two boys, Oliver and Henry. And for terrain to touch the skin - and hearts - of many.

Blessings & Beijos,

Bruna Valente



terra means soil or earth in Brazilian Portuguese. All things in nature originate from and return to it. The unique essence each of us is born with - our terrain - is either nourished or depleted. Nourishing it means caring for our body, mind and spirit.

terrain was founded to promote the importance of self-care and connection with nature as a whole - within and around us. Our products provide real skin nourishment using ingredients from earth, inspired by the raw beauty of Brazil's rainforest and culture

Rainforest Potent

Brazil's ethnicity in the form of unique amazon forest ingredients, artisanship and "carinho"/care


Wildly Pure

waterless formulation with 100% organic oils and butters. community & rainforest-friendly sourcing. biodegradable & recyclable packaging


Lush Skin Nourishment

rooted in simple, yet luxurious moments of self-care that nourish from within - olá, real beauty