Golden Partnerships

Photo: Golden Grass Field in Tocantins, Brazil

Golden Grass

In Brazil, it is called Capim Dourado. This is the only plant on earth that is naturally golden. It grows in just one place: Brazil's Jalapão region. The women there weave it by hand, as they have for centuries. And now we are their biggest customer. They travel one day to ship these to us. It is a labor of love for us, and their only livelihood. 

To create our signature package that is completely compostable, beautifully unique and supports this community of women is our privilege


This simple package radiates like gold, never loses its shine and takes care of whatever is within it. No two are exactly alike. Each is uniquely perfect and light-filled. Just like everything in nature. Just like you.

For The Greater Good

From creative brand design and photography in the United States to impactful regenerative farming and responsible forestry in Brazil and Ecuador, terrain partners with many women who are a true force of nature. One that reaches beyond borders. For the greater good.