Made with Purpose

terra means soil or earth in Brazilian Portuguese. All things in nature originate from and return to it. Our unique essence each of us is born with - our terrain - is either nourished or depleted. Nourishing it means caring for our body, mind and spirit.

terrain was founded to promote self-care and connection with nature as a whole - within and around us. Our products provide real skin nourishment using ingredients from earth, inspired by the raw beauty of Brazil's rainforest and culture.

Rainforest Potent

Brazil's ethnicity in the form of unique amazon forest ingredients, artisanship and "carinho"/care

Wildly Pure 

waterless formulation with 100% organic oils and butters; communities & rainforest-friendly sourcing;  biodegradable & recyclable packaging

Lush Skin Nourishment

rooted in simple, yet luxurious moments of self-care that nourish from within - olá, real beauty